Dreamer 1.5
by Ultrano
(Ultrano Website)

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Author's Website

Operating System:
File Size: 3.88 MB
License Conditions:

Single user license: $49.94

System Requirements:

Windows 98SE/ME/2k/XP. (will not run on Win95 SP1 or NT4), 64MB RAM,
Intel Pentium 133MHz, AGP video card,
Windows-compatible soundcard,
800x600 x 16-bit monitor or better

Last Updated: 2004-01-07
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

Dreamer is an expandable virtual studio, that discards the need to have expensive hardware to create multitrack music. Dreamer comes with a set of devices, that you can insert into the virtual rack of the song window, but you are not limited to them - if you buy Dreamer, and we create a new instrument, you will get it for free (download is easy and secure).

Connecting device wires is easy, and requires no more than two clicks, importing MIDI songs or RB melody patterns is automated, and you will never find yourself in the hell of manually wiring up sequencer and samplers to complete an imported song. Saving/loading a song is immediate and complete, automation of knobs and sliders is present and easily edited, simultaneous playback+recording+edit is available.

Dreamer can serve as virtual rack module to your studio (if you have one), as it can be controlled by external sequencer (via MIDI soundcard or MIDI loopback device driver such as 'MIDI_Yoke'). Can record all 16 MIDI channels simultaneously. Samplers and drum machines have low-cpu-consuming high-quality interpolation, thus DR can reach at least 2 times higher polyphony than any other musical software, using high-Q interpolation. Dreamer makes use of video accelerration, so that you can use all of your cpu for DSP.

The help file, that can be found in the Dreamer Demo, contains more details on Dreamer and its devices.

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i cant down load anything

hi my name is angela i was wondering that every time im downloading yahoo messanger or download music can u let me know thanx angela

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