DrumFlow 1.70
by Nikolai Tikhonov
(Nikolai Tikhonov Website)

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Operating System:
File Size: 500K
License Conditions:

Free for non-commercial use, else registration is required. Registration Fee - US$35

System Requirements:
Last Updated: 2002-06-30
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

DrumFlow is powerful program that controls and edits XG MIDI Drum Setup parameters by using NRPN controllers. The DrumFlow is also a great drum sequencer. The DrumFlow allows you to create custom percussion parts with adjustable drums and then to export it in your MIDI editor (e.g. Cakewalk or Cubase) through the clipboard.

DrumFlow features:

  • Tracking control that is able to show modified status, name and value in one element
  • Separate windows with a group of control elements of the same edit reason
  • Extended text information to specify the name, author and comments of the sequence
  • Overall settings - change pitch, filter values and reverberation, chorus and variation level
  • Toolbar with cool graphic buttons
  • Most of operations in the DrumFlow have rich key support, included the start/stop buttons and you can assign various key for each drum to play them by computer keyboard
  • Copy All command to copy to the clipboard all information by one block
  • Play range selection to specify the region of the sequence to play
  • Enhanced edit options, so you can select multiple region of notes
  • Note retrig (autorepeat) feature. Now you can easily create such complex drumloop, like jungle or breakbeats
  • Define your own colors for volume scale

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New in this version:

  • Swing groove - add grooves to your patterns. Groove steps are from -6 to +5
  • Support for QS300 voices. Edit feature only for registered version only. Now owners of the QS300 compatible synths (for ex. DB50XG, SW60XG etc) can add their own QS voices (up to 8,each voice takes 1 MIDI channel) and use them as drums
  • MIDI sync. The DrumFlow now can receive MIDI sync messages from your MIDI sequencer and play step by step with it. For registered version only
  • Change tempo while playing
  • Volume slide window. Just select region and use this feature
  • Two MIDI Out devices. If the first device is busy then DrumFlow tries to use the second one
  • Support for different drum kits. General MIDI, Roland GS, XG level 1 and SW1000XG are currently supported. Easy to add your own kits - look at drumkits.ini file
  • Now DrumFlow can be used in full screen mode. All elements are resizable
  • Floating windows have big or small tracks and their layout can be customized

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Guitarpro5 drum samples...

Guitarpro5 drum samples... No help.


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No Sound?

Hi, Help - I have the midi set up for Sound Blaster & the program plays, but there is no sound. It's as if it's not linking to my soundcard. Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong?
Thanks, Tracy

not bad

not bad, it's very simple to use and is fun, even just to mess around with. only thing is that sometimes the sequence doesn't stay on beat, i don't know? it is fun though!



Check DrumFlow 99 and new site!


I'm author of the DrumFlow. DrumFlow v1.0 is old, so check its new site:
<a href="http://tnikolai.virtualave.net/drumflow.html">DrumFlow Home Page</a>
where you can download NEW version - DrumFlow 99 for free and visit new DrumFlow Add-Ons Site!


Re: Check DrumFlow 99 and new site!

Hi Nikolai

Drum flow is perfect. Easy and fas of use.
I should know, i am a proffesional drummer.

I tryed the link to the add-on site, but it didnt work. Can you help me?


pleased, yet could use some additions

not bad at all, it is easy to setup and get started, no overly complicated settings to figure out so you can output it. also it is the first sequencer that actually worked well with my keyboard (though it's not concert level, it is a professional)
overall i definitley like it, though, if you don't mind may i make a few suggestion:
-an option to choose the lenght of the grid, possibly for fills or odd lenght sequences
- if there is a way to store mulitple sequences in the same window for immediate access, ie. be able to bounce between them (would work great with the fills optin) not to compare, but fruity pro uses a 10 digit keypad to allow access to several sequences at once)
once again though, i am very pleased i found this program, good luck




great program

this is what I was looking for .......since a long time
Its very simple...and clean.
The only thing is that u can only make one loop.....but the loop is not short.
thanks Nikolai...... If someone knows a good and simple program for midi to wave tell me .....thanks

boring, a very bad software,never download it

it is the worst software i have ever seen.it is really
boring.its design is really realy bad.I have made a
really bad mistake by downloading it.Never download or
order it.I have made a mistake but you shouldnt do it.
No update can save this software.Instead of trying this
software,play a real drum,but if you cant find a real
drum,hit your pillows,its really more enjoyable.

Re: boring, a very bad software,never download it

It's really not very good. There are definitely better out there. One of the best one's I've found is drumsite, unfortunately, it doesn't export Midi, so it's worthless as far as programming my drum machine.

Re: boring, a very bad software,never download it

I don't have a drum, and I'm afraid I might suffocate on my pillows--can I just bang my head on my computer console? Please--? I think it might be a cool accelerando.

Ignore these negative plonkers

If you want a complicated drumloop sequencer. This ISN'T for you - but if you want a simple but versatile program to experiment with, try it. I've been using it for weeks now and find it excellent. Ignore plonkers.

Re: Ignore these negative plonkers

: If you want a complicated drumloop sequencer. This ISN'T for you - but if you want a simple but versatile program to experiment with, try it. I've been using it for weeks now and find it excellent. Ignore plonkers.

Re: boring, a very bad software,never download it

Don't you just hate negative, destructive prats who only seem to enjoy trashing someone else's music or work? Presumably they can't do anything constructive or creative for themselves?


Is drumflow compatible with voyetra Orchestrator
(version 1.6,not the "plus" version)?



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