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Operating System:
File Size: 8.72
License Conditions:

Registration Fee - 39 EUR

System Requirements:

DirectX 3.0, DirectX 8.0 or higher recommended

Last Updated: 2004-04-07
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Software Description

The most realistic drums creation tool - unleashes your creativity.

Features multi-samples support, effects (equalizer, reverb etc.), WAV, MP3,
OGG Vorbis file support, pattern banks, custom drumsets, triggered fade-offs
supports, MIDI import, volume and panning control for every hit, unlimited
tempo control, unlimited number of instruments, bars, hits, export to WAV in
any sample rate, assign samples to keyboard and record your custom rhythm.

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Gret, except..

I would have bought this already, except that it doesn't export Midi. If it could export midi it would be one of the most powerful and well thought out drum pattern/son creators, but unfortunately it's reduced to little more than a toy in it's current state. Give me midi or give me something else!

Re: Gret, except..

It already does export to MIDI.

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