by Raymund Beyer
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Operating System:
File Size: 600K
License Conditions:

Demo saves only 4 instruments. Registered version is $15 and will save all 18 sets.

System Requirements:

Power Macintosh

Last Updated: 2000-01-20
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

  • Drag & Drop the samples from the selected samples folder to the LM4 Instrument you like.
  • AIFF and WAV samples can be preheard in the samples folder with a doubleclick (via Quicktime & Soundmanager).
  • choose the note number for the Intruments with the help of the builtin GM chart
  • macros for superfast creation of working LM4 scripts
  • the instrument names can be automatically be taken from either the file name or the GMnote, all instruments at once!
  • checks automatically , if you have given the instrument a name while saving. If not, the first 6 characters of the filename will be taken automatically.
  • 'Fit to LM4' tries to make the sample filename compatible to the LM4. The LM4 does not understand filenames that contain /()#! etc. Better only use Aa, Bc.....Zz + all numbers and space.

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EZLM mod

Tried this thing earlier this year and it was NOT at all reliable. If anyone has good experience with it, I'd love to hear it! I had to rely on the Wizoo LM editor, which is also a bit quirky!

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