EasyDeejay v1.7.2
by Matt Cartlidge
(Matt Cartlidge Website)

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File Size: 4.5 MB
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Registration: US$40.00

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Last Updated: 2007-05-28
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Software Description

EasyDeejay brings the wisdom of years of DJ and Karaoke experience into one simple package. Play almost any audio track including CD+G (karaoke) files. Entertaining your guests has never been easier. EasyDeejay works all around the world, in all kinds of venues for all types of DJs. Go ahead and bring your collection of 100,000 MP3's. And now, you can leave your karaoke CDs back at home. No complex setting up. Just install and use.

Search through thousands of tracks in seconds and build multiple playlists with ease. Load and save as many playlists as you need. EasyDeejay also analyses a track when you load it to ensure that you are not left with any unwanted silence at the start or end of a track. Have peace of mind that once you have created a playlist, you don't have to touch that keyboard again.

The emergency play feature also gives you peace of mind in case you forget your playlist is running out, but you're no where to be seen. For those DJs who will be using EasyDeejay to run a radio station, the extensive sample player is a valuable tool for playing jingles, advertisements or any other sound sample you might need to access 24/7. In most DJ situations, more than one sound output is essential - this is why EasyDeejay fully supports it.

It does not matter how many soundcards you have, it will never be too many for EasyDeejay to handle. Karaoke is still a very fast growing market and EasyDeejay is already there. Play any CD+G track you have stored on your hard drive and search for them just as quickly as the other tracks.

Auto play means that after your customer has had a sing-a-long, the music will continue without needing your assistance. Recall any of your performances with the history feature so you can repeat shows whenever you like. The track suggester will attempt to select a track for you based on your current playlist, useful for when your mind goes completely blank!

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