Electribulator v0.2.4
by Warnotte Renaud
(Warnotte Renaud Website)
Owned by user warnotte

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File Size: 7.6 MB MB
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System Requirements:

Java 1.7 or higher and Electribe EMX-1

Last Updated: 2016-03-04
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

Software that make electribe polyphonic and add modulators with midi controls.

  • By using all the 5 synth with same sound params, u can have a 5 voice synth if u dispatch note correctly (that's what the software do).
  • By adding some VCO and VCA to generate a midi signal that will be sent to any CC of the electribe you have more than one modulator for each params.

Changes in v0.2.4

  • Added spline interpolation for modulators

Changes in v0.2.3

  • Added Roll button for drum presets.
  • Added Amp EG button for drum presets.
  • Added eg time know for drum presets.
  • Changes in v0.2.2

    • Escape to cancel the registration of the notes of the arpeggiator.
    • Upgrade of the path separator for mac user.
    • Bugfix for system of counting time was messing sound (modulators was too fast or whatever).
    • Correction in VCA_2ND that between ATTACK and SUSTAIN put the value 0 (which does not make sense and that was a small jump in the volume).

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New version

Hi everyone,

Juste some news about new version.

Direct link to software : http://renaud.warnotte.be/Projects/Electribulator/downloads/Wax_Electribulator_v_0_2_3.zip

Can also one of the moderator could change the "Warnotte Renaud website" link to http://renaud.warnotte.be/en/electribulator instead of http://renaud.warnotte.be/index.php/projets/electribulator please ?

I can after perhaps check to claim ownership to change the details myself if possible to no annoy people of hitsquad ;)

Update approved

I have approved the revision you made for your software listing.

Thank you sir.

Thank you sir.

Version 0.2.2 beta out


Just to say that a new version is out with some bugfixes for mac users. (Still need feedback in order to see if all bug are covered as I don't possess a mac to try).


"Firefox is required to view

"Firefox is required to view the software authors website!"

--> Not the case now ;)

Version 0.2.1 is out

Hi folks,

I've released a new version 0.2.1 with some bugfixes and some little new features (see the changelog).

You can download it using Electribulator autoupdate feature or by my website ... (or use http://www.hitsquad.com/smm/programs/Electribulator/)

Have fun...

Version 0.2.0

A new version is released here : http://renaud.warnotte.be/Projects/Electribulator/downloads/Wax_Electribulator_v_0_2_0.rar


From your description, it sounds like this software attempts to convert analog signal into MIDI, which is great. I recently purchased a vintage keyboard on ebay and would love to use it as a MIDI controller as well, if possible. I look forward to trying out your software, though I notice there are other software options out there... but those cost money!! :)

Analog to MIDI Software Link

Here's the Analog to MIDI software link : http://renaud.warnotte.be/Projects/AnalogToMidi/WaxAnalogToMidi.rar

Yes in fact, you're making a

Yes in fact, you're making a confusion between electribulator and another little tool that were shipped with electribulator one time.

This little tool was called 'Analog input to midi'. Sorry to have not understand that yesterday.

PM me if you wanna have it.

Nope sorry dude, it's not

Nope sorry dude, it's not like that it works. It simply redispatch midi notes from one channel (on an midi input, a midi keyboard for instance of a sequencer) to 5 channel (on the midi output of the software towards the EMX input).

And it also send midi CC to change params of the sound in realtime. Try to take a look on my website about the little description and the manual i've written (http://renaud.warnotte.be/index.php/fr/projets/electribulator/102-electribulator-manual) it would perhaps give you more details.

Or you can send me an email ;)

See u.

Version 0.1.8 is out.

Re to everyone, some more news...

I've just released latest beta version of the software. I go directly to Version 0.1.8. (Or use automatic update).

This version contains of course bugfixes, specially a huge memory leak (yes yes in java it can happens)

Addition to that there the new panel to set the DRUM PART of the EMX.

Arp has been improved too.

A little changle log :

- Improvement of VCA Editor (bigger GUI aivalable).
- Minor bugfixes in the gui.
- Bug fixes for memory leak when reload presets multiple times ...
- Presets system for DRUM.
- Way to disable automatic note dispatching. (A new checkbox). If option is not selected, the programm will resent notes on 5 channel and resent on the 5 channel. (To have a monopohonic beahviour, but with VCA and VCO).
- Display the location of the current note played by an ARP.
- Load/Save arpegiators.
- Addition of factory presets (with a very good exemple of using multiple VCA with huge time).
- ...

I'm still open to all suggestion or bugreports. And of course still waiting for some of your presets to share with the next version of the software (None has been send to me until now .

Or if you make something with the software (music, or video or stg) plz share it with me to see what you can do with it. I'd be very happy and it should be a good gift for my birthday (5 february .

Have fun with it.

Thanks for updating it.

Thanks for updating the version on this reference website.


Second- THIS GUY IS STOOOOPID enough TO MAKE IS WEBSITE AVAILaBLE ****ONLY**** with Firefox...

On comprend mieux quand on sait qu'il est belge...


Dislike non constructive message

Techno-ID, if it does not suit you, you can always put it in your XXX and never came back again i don't need people like you on my stupid website.
Then, my site does not work in IE only and I do not need to draw a picture of why. Indeed there is not just IE and Firefox as browser in the computer world but you did not seem to be aware ...
For screenshots, I just changed names for more integrity and there is therefore necessarily had a few breaks.
Critical level then you do seems very Techno-ID, but a part um ca?
Where there any constructive idea in your message, because I do not see something like this, just free of criticism!
Anyway if you want to talk a little more constructive I won't reject you and i can forget...
Oh by the way, Do you have a website Techno-id where i can laugh a little too ?


Techno-ID, si cela ne vous convient pas, vous pouvez toujours vous le fouttre ou je pense et ne plus jamais venir sur mon site ;)
Ensuite, mon site ne marche pas sous IE uniquement et je n'ai pas besoin de vous faire un dessin du pourquoi (clin d'oeil à JVachez pour les connaisseurs). D'ailleurs il n'y a pas que IE et Firefox comme browser mais tu ne sembles pas etre au courant...
Pour les screenshots, j'ai simplement rechangé le nom pour plus d'integrité et donc forcement il y'a eu un peu de casse.
Alors niveau critiques tu semble faire fort Techno-ID, mais euh a part ca ? Y'avait une idée constructive dans ton message, parce que je ne pense pas avoir vu quelques chose de tel, juste des critiques gratuite ?
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Sinon maintenant si tu veux discuter un peu plus constructivement je ne te rejetterai pas...
Tiens au fait, Tu as un site web Techno-id qu'on puisse rire un peu aussi ca me ferait plaisir ?


The screenshot error has been fixed. However we cant stop the software author from requiring only firefox to view his webpage with!

As i said to my new friend

As i said to my new friend TechnoID, Only IE is forbidden. And people with something in brain could easily bypass that problem. So what TechnoID said is totaly no correct and fastly tough.

For the screenshots, sorry to have renamed it and give you some work :(

See you soon.

"I was waiting encouragement and ONE people spits on me"

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