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Registration: $9 USD. This demo has a 60 second time limit. Sixty seconds after starting, the effect will stop operating. You can use the demo version indefinitely, but it will only run for 60 seconds each time it is opened.

System Requirements:

VST host application.

Last Updated: 2004-05-01
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Software Description

Ensemble is no longer available

We have left this page here for users who want to use the moderated comments area below

Ensemble is a plug-in effect designed to create the sound of a group of musicians from a single sound source. The effect is similar to that of a chorus but with a much greater range of sound processing capabilities.

Unlike most digital chorus effects, this effect does not simply model an old analog chorus. This Ensemble effect simulates a group of musicians each playing with slightly different timing and intonation. The controls provide a wide range of effects from a sloppy out of tune orchestra, such as the Portsmouth Sinfonia, to a simple guitar 'stomp box' chorus. In extreme settings, the effect can also add strange metallic sounding transients. Ensemble excels at producing unique orchestral string sections from single instrument samples, odd metallic percussion, from ordinary drum samples and thick, wide stereo synths.

This effect is currently only available as a VST plug-in for Windows for the price of $9.00 USD.

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We haven't been able to find another copy of this software - it's no longer available.

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