ErsDrums 1.2
by Andreas Ersson
(Andreas Ersson Website)

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File Size: 405 KB
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System Requirements:

VSTi host application.

Last Updated: 2005-08-01
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Software Description

As seen in Hitsquad's Top 10 Free VST Virtual Instruments

ErsDrums is a drum machine.

All sounds are calculated in "real time", no samples are used.


  • Two Kicks
  • Two Snares
  • Two Blipps
  • One Clap
  • One Claves
  • One Hihat (Open/Closed)
  • One Crash
  • Individual output channels for each drums sound
  • Key Mode
  • Individually selectable midi channel for each drum
  • Midi automation and midi learn

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New in v1.2

  • Midi program change
  • Velocity curve
  • Changed default knob mode to linear
  • Volume and pan controls
  • Output configuration in settings dialog
  • New presets
  • Minor optimizations
  • Minor fixes
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