ConcreteFX Ethereal 2.7
by Concretefx
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Operating System:
File Size: 4.87 MB
License Conditions:

The demo version works with static every 30 seconds. Full version $40/Euro38/£25

System Requirements:

8Mb, VST Host

Last Updated: 2004-02-28
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

Ethereal is a PC VST synth with the follow features:

  • 3 oscillators, using 22 stored wavesforms, or 6 user-definable ones. The User waveforms are created using additive synthesis with 29 harmonics or from user draw waves. Each oscillators is doubled for added fatness.
  • Each oscillator can be frequency modulation, using any of the waves as modulator or the output of any of the oscillators
  • Each oscillators output is sent to one of two 12/24db/Comb/Ring Mod filters. These two filters can be arranged serially or in parallel
  • The oscillators and filters parameters are controllable using 32 stage vari-slope envelopes with definable loop / release points
  • 4 built in effects, chorus, reverb, delay and phaser
  • full midi automation with midi learn ability
  • 128 presets and a full manual are included

New in this version:

  • this uses up to 40-50% less CPU than before
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