ExsManager v2.9
by Redmatica
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Registration: EUR 80.00

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Last Updated: 2007-01-12
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Software Description

ExsManager is a dedicated standalone management software for Exs24 and GarageBand instruments and files, written from scratch for the OSX platform to deliver a new level of performance, and new functions previously not available.

Many pro studios using Logic have been converting from hardware based sampling to Exs24 sampling during the last few years. This has caused an explosion of the average count of instrument and sample files on the typical studio hard disk.

The reorganization tasks that could be done by hand when we were dealing with hundreds or few thousands of files, have become impossible to tackle with the modern huge libraries now available. ExsManager is the solution to a myriad little tasks and big problems that are encountered daily by the Exs24 users.


  • Optimize EXS24 instrument for fast loading
  • Remove duplicate and unused samples
  • Inspect your library
  • Reorganization of samples
  • Fix instruments, fix samples, use your editor
  • Accurate file linking and manual association
  • Always updated
  • Samplemerge your samples for streaming at full potential
  • Can manage Windows to OSX library conversion
  • Quick processing
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