FSTHost v1.5.4
by Pawel
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Open Source

System Requirements:

Linux with Jack

Last Updated: 2014-08-04
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Software Description

FSTHost is the official fork of FreeST standalone host, a linux VST host-hybrid via winelib.

It runs as a Jack client for Audio/MIDI, and with GTK GUI. It supports save states from LASH, FPS, XML, FXP and JackSessions. IT can now allow MIDI CC automation.

FST Host supports JackTransport and has its own MIDI channel filter with Bypass support and suspend plugin.

Changes in v1.5.4:

  • Bugfixes

Changes in v1.5.3:

  • Support for GTK3 ( GTK2 is still supported )
  • Propose path of file opened at start as default while save state
  • fsthost menu - perl version with GTK2/GTK3 support ( and with tray/status icon
  • aggregator - app for merge all fsthost windows into one ( not installed by default )
  • use wine ( win32 ) code when moving window ( instead of X tricks )
  • disable support for bbt_offset , because seems that some VST plugins does not like fractal values in barStartPos
  • do not zeroize outputs by default ( -z option )
  • XML DB - use shared file for 32/64 versions ( ~/.fsthost.xml )
  • acan all dirs in VST_PATH recursively when building XML DB ( -g option )
  • allow build 32 and 64 version independently
  • various code refactoring
  • various other changes

    Changes in v1.5.1:

    • Store plugin path, SysExID in FPS files
    • Bugfix for installer (LIB64 path - thanks to speps, AUR packager)
    • JackSession - no loner need hardcode path to plugin in session command
    • Midifilter window - fix ordering filters (first on top)
    • Get plugin path from XML DB database, also default paths to this db.
    • Improve fsthost_menu
    • Manual page
    • Update README / fsthost usage
    • Add control MIDI ports for send/receive SysEx messages
    • Work on a copy of Jack MIDI data (fix)
    • Varoius and some other minor improvements/fixes

    Changes in v1.5:

    • Support Wine-LPA
    • Support for window resize
    • Handling case when Jack changed our client_name
    • Support for "self MIDI Program Change message handling" (-P option)
    • Do not process MIDI data if ports are disconnected
    • Editor window is centered
    • Buffering SysEx input messages and process them in non-RT thread
    • MIDI channel filter redirect messages to first channel
    • MIDI Filters - really simple window for build own filter chain
    • JackTransport improvements (tested with T-C-M VST and Hydrogen as master)
    • Support for 64 bit VST plugs

    Changes in v1.3:

    • Improved Makefile
    • Option -N auto-send SysEx added
    • Threads refactoring
    • Response for Sysex Dump Request only if it is addressed to us (i.e. UUID match)
    • Now supports VSTPluginMain entry (mostly for Antialias VST)
    • Other bugfixes and improvements

    Changes in v1.2:

    • always handle SIGINT for clean quit
    • handle SIGUSR1 signal for save (ladish L1) - thanks to FalkXT (4concept) and jordan (4help)
    • SysEx dump
    • MIDI Identity request/reply messages support
    • JackSession - support for SaveAndQuit mode
    • simple "make install"
    • change state (Bypass/Resume) by MIDI CC (default 122)
    • MIDI IN / OUT ports are always available
    • simple CPU usage in GTK
    • remove non-ascii characters from program name - problem with GTK (Pro53 plugin).
    • nicer usage info
    • updates in vestige and lash code
    • bug fixes, optimizations, cleaning etc ..

    Changes in v1.1:

    • Support for FXB v2 files and other changes, mostly for VarietyOfSound plugins and RubbyTube, also fix Makefile
    • Volume control
    • Change binary name to fsthost.exe (request by FalkXT) for festige compatibility
    • Fix posible bug in bypass state
    • Load/Save MIDI channel in FPS
    • fix in tempo handling (when jack report 0BPM) (for GTG MX2008 support) (thanks to Chris Walton from KVR forum for help).
    • add come command line options (tempo, volume etc.)
    • handling SIGINT to clean close (in noGUI mode)
    • rewrite code for load libraries (correct support for VST_PATH)
    • default values for WINE_RT
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