Faslo Player v7
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File Size: 3.7 MB
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The demo version has the same functionality as the fully paid one except that only the first minute of audio is processed and played.. Registration: US$35.00

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Last Updated: 2002-10-01
For more detail about software : Software Description

Software Description

We offer a technology that can speed up or slow down speech/music playback and still retain the tempo. Any compressed/uncompressed internet and local WAV and MP3 files can be speeded up to a factor of two to three times or slowed down to 60 % without losing comprehension, intellegibility and the pitch of the person. The player can also alter pitch and voice characteristics for better musical appreciation and listening pleasure.

Applications/Scenarios include:

  • Transcription and dictation in office environment
  • Law enforcement/intelligence/surveillance agencies monitoring conversational activity
  • Entertainment Industry - Multimedia Players to zip thru' content and listen delayed broadcasting
  • Commercials - Time editing of commercials to fit a time slot and still retain revenue
  • Digital Voice Loggers
  • Personal Digital Recorders for taking notes in classrooms and courthouses
  • Telephone Message Recorders and Voice Email Players
  • Interactive Voice Response Systems
  • Music appreciation with slower speeds for lyrics
  • Comprehension of foreign languages at slower speeds

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Save the ouput?

How can I save the output from the program after I slow down the music?

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