As Fast As Possible Audio DSP
by Johan Larsby
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Last Updated: 1999-03-17
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Software Description

The program lets you add some FX to your input (eg MIC, LINE IN, MIDI, CD all the devices you have on your soundcard) in REALTIME (or as fast as your computer can handle it). The FX are (for now) PITCH (lower or raise) Distortion (hehe) Flanger and Reverb. It lets you add them in your defined order.

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This program was the shiznizel when it was written!

This program was the shiznizel when it was written, about 10 ago. At the time there wasn't much else that could do the job, on a PC, for free, and in a 3mb file. Quit complaining. There are plenty of other audio programs now that will do these things.. I don't know of any that will work on a chat room specifically, but you can route your audio to do the job if you are clever. Or use a VST. Google it or check to find what you are looking for.

Crappie program

My sediments exactly, Jesse. This program is CRAP. The pitch works okay on my coumputer, but the other stuff basicly sucks. The distortion is noise, and i don't know what they were trying to do with that "bumpy" stuff.


As Crappy As It Gets - stay away

Don't download, here's why

I appreciate the efforts of programmers who give their products away for free, but I have to be honest.

This program is CRAP.

The distortion sounds okay, but that's about it.
The pitch adjust does NOT work, it just makes this annoying buzz sound.
There is no reverb or flange effect, even though the ad says there is (don't believe the author).
The "Bumpy" thing sounds ugly.
It uses buffered input, so there is a huge delay (even on a fast computer, don't believe the author).
The author's English is very bad.

I have been making music on the computer for nearly three years, and this was not worth the download.

Get paid for your MP3 downloads!!

I'm so sick of seeing bands and musicians having to give their music away!! No other trade is expected to do this. Our tools cost more than everyone else's!! A new Les Paul costs more than a new 1.5 gig desktop!! Yet WE are expected to just hand it all over. Do REEALLY think these Napster hearings are going to benefit the independant artists?! Not likely!! Well... After getting a "royalty check" for ninety-five cents, after having the top three downloads at a major MP3 site for three months, I'd finally had enough!! So I took up programming and hooked up with one of the world's top audio software programmers and we did something about it!!

We are proud to announce the release of PayWave. This incredible new software allows bands and musicians to demo their MP3 files for a limited number of plays. No one can pirate the tracks because the program disables their system's record function during playback. No on can play the track on another player, because the program converts the song into a non-audio file format that will only play on the embedded player until the song is paid for. To find out more and download a free demo, just go to
You can also get a free multitracker just for checking it out!!
We'll be posting the software on the site later this week, but I wanted to start getting the message out. We can finally take control of our destiny!! This is an opportunity for ALL ONLINE MUSICIANS!!!!!!!! SPREAD THE WORD!!

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don´t download




why cant i use this prog in chatrooms. its driving me insane somebody help me

Re: chatrooms

: why cant i use this prog in chatrooms. its driving me insane somebody help me

Re: chatrooms

: why cant i use this prog in chatrooms. its driving me insane somebody help me

Re: chatrooms

this fuckin sucks assssssssss

Re: chatrooms

hey try to email me back because i need to know what is better a paul reed smith santana se guitar or a fender stratocaster?

Re: chatrooms

: why cant i use this prog in chatrooms. its driving me insane somebody help me

Re: chatrooms

I am interested in finding an ELTON JOHN chatroom. Please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: chatrooms

: why cant i use this prog in chatrooms. its driving me insane somebody help me

Re: chatrooms

: why cant i use this prog in chatrooms. its driving me insane somebody help me

pass the cheese...

I know...what do i expect for free?... but still these effects are the cheesiest things i've ever heard.


todo esta muy padre y es de gran ayuda para muchos de nosotros como usuarios



Sounds like a bunch of immature Kids

Know of anything similar that doesn't need full duplex??

I really like what this program does (and its price :) but I don't have a full duplex sound card. I also can't get it to work with virtual audio cable. Anyone know of a program that does similar things that doesn't need a full duplex sound card?? (similar price preferred :)


The program worked for me-- kind of. First of all, you have to have
a full-duplex soundcard, if you don't, it won't work. Secondly, you
have to use the mic input only, and mute it in your mixer.
Otherwise, you will get weird echo effects (I couldn't get the weird
echos to go away completely.) Anyway it is fun, but not
professional use.


Thank you.

Re: FreeSoftware

: Thank you.

Re: FreeSoftware

: Thank you.I am a new electronic musician I want very basic commusic Thank you very much


I want a guitar software, but I don't have much money for pay it.
Maybe, it's really freeware.

music effects

hits for free

Re: music effects

: hits for free


This is a kewl program!!!!!!! :)







this software is good

Re: good

: this software is good

Good for what? Looks quite interesting, but I can't get it to do anything. (My guitar comes through the speakers just fine, but there are no effects on the signal.)


Re: good

You have to go into your recording setting in your sound card and set the input for recording. Then it will work. Plus you must mute the Linein or mic that the guitar is pluged into.

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