Fine Metronome v3.5
by Fine Software
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Last Updated: 2010-03-29
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Software Description

Are you a music performer or educator? Fine Metronome is designed just for you.

Do you know how it's easy to get faster when making a crescendo, or escape from the time while playing a tricky passage? If you have never noticed that, you obviously should try again with a metronome before going to the recording studio.

Sometimes you need to start playing in a specific pace for yourself or to synchronize the whole band. Educators may want to log the progress of their students day after day... This are examples when a metronome is demanded.

But why a software metronome? There are good reasons. It never winds down like a mechanical one. And it has huge potential capabilities comparing to a solely electronic device. What about arbitrary rhythm patterns, custom sound samples, integrated tempo notebook, automatic BPM recognition..? Some of these features have been already implemented in Fine Metronome, while others are still to come.

With Fine Metronome you can design your own beat patterns or use preset ones. A pattern is a combination of accented beats and normal beats. For example, 'Take Five' time signature is 3+2, or X-x-x-X-x visually. (The bar's first beat can be emphasized by a bell sound). The metronome is controlled using mouse or the hotkeys.

The sound quality matters very much, so we have included a dozen of carefully chosen samples, with the ability to set up your own sounds and adjust their volume precisely. Visual cues can also be very helpful while playing. The Beat Indicator is a separate sticky window that splashes at every beat.

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