FlexiMusic Kids Composer Oct2007
by Ponnuchamy
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Last Updated: 2007-10-01
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Software Description

FlexiMusic Kids Composer is a fun, easy way for kids to learn the basics of music-making and recording. FlexiMusic Kids Composer software can be used at home for furthering your child's musical experiences, or by schools for exploring the fundamental basics behind music creation.

FlexiMusic Kids Composer software is packed with Beats and Stars. Kids can record their own vocals, and be as creative as they want. Wake up your child's creative talents by giving them FlexiMusic Kids Composer. Some of the features are listed below


  • "Pick, Paint and Play" style interface.
  • Pick an instrument from Beats and tune from Stars.
  • Using the paintbrush and erase tools with the mouse, it's a fun and easy way to make songs come alive.
  • Unlimited number of tracks.
  • Big, Simple buttons - FlexiMusic Kids Composer software is perfect for small children. Its colorful interface, basic tools, and big, simple buttons are easy for kids to understand and use.
  • Audio Recording - Kids can record their own vocals.
  • Lot of Instruments - Over 100 sounds of instruments, including drums, keyboards, guitars, horns, percussion and more...
  • Volume and Tempo controls.
  • FlexiMusic Kids Composer focuses on experimenting with different instruments, then puts together the components of musical instruments. Kids can compose in their own style.
  • "FlexiMusic Kids World" features lively music to entertain children as they learn music and develop computer mouse skills.
  • Kids Music World - Move the mouse over the instruments to play sound.
  • Kids Games World - The picture can be drawn by joining the dots, Moving the mouse over the numbers or alphabets.
  • The Concept behind the FlexiMusic Kids Composer is valuable: An interactive program that teaches music appreciation through the hands-on creation of music.
  • The FlexiMusic Kids Composer file format (*.FmSng) needs at most only a couple of megabytes to save your song.
  • The output song can be saved as WAV files (*.WAV).
  • Quick Start Help Document.

New in Oct2007

  • Creating music is advanced further as well as made easier by introducing Tunes in place of Star. You can have different Beat for each step, you can have different volume and duration for each tunes.
  • Selecting Beats are moved to Tunes.
  • Recording track is converted to Audio track where you can either record or you just choose an existing wav file.
  • "Create Random Tune" button is added to create tunes in fraction of second.
  • Play tool added to be able to play the track at any specified time location. Just choose the play tool and click on the track.
  • Top track added showing the duration. And you can use play tool on it to play the song starting from any time location.
  • New button "Email a song" added for sharing song via email.
  • Now you can change the volume and duration for each instrument separately.
  • Save to WMA function is added.
  • Front view is beautified.
  • Kids Music Word games is removed from this package.

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great product for kids

It's a truism today that the computer has become a musical instrument, as much so as the guitar or piano. This software aims to make computer composition simple enough that even young children can be songwriters in seconds. We're not sure it hits this mark, with an awkward interface in particular that seems likely to put off kids raised on high-budget computer games.

The program's workspace is divided into separate lines, or tracks, for separate instruments. To get started, users open a new or preexisting song, and then add, delete, or customize the instruments. Melodies, tunes, and rhythms can be painted into each instrument line with a paintbrush tool. To our ears, the music created this way grew quickly monotonous, however. We would expect novelty-seeking children to grow quickly beyond this program's limited capabilities, and lose interest in a relatively short period of time.

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