FoxPlay 98 v8.2
by Matt Kellner
(Matt Kellner Website)

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Last Updated: 2003-01-24
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Software Description

FoxPlay is a multimedia playlist organizer and frontend for Windows. With FoxPlay, you can quickly and easily pull together all of the files on your hard drive into a single, easy-to-use playlist and play them randomly or in a particular order. Dynamic file type support lets you define new filetypes and assign your favorite players to them, and built-in support for mIRC lets you share your Playlist information and files with others on the Internet!

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FoxPlay on my Laptop ... Bad Combo?

I want to use FizPlay on my Win95 Laptop.
It requires a Mdid Wavetable in my soundcard , as I understand,
and my laptop doesnot have it.
ANY SUGGESTIONS! Whish pcmcia card will have it?

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