Freebox v1.9.42 Beta
by Freehand Developments
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System Requirements:

Windows, sound card and a mouse. Minimum spec for maximum enjoyment is a PC capable of running windows XP.

Last Updated: 2006-08-19
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

A Free MP3/Video Touchscreen Jukebox Player.

Video and .wma support

The juke box supports all media file supported by the codes on your pc, this includes but is not limited to MP3, WMA, MPEG, AVI and WMV files


1 Animated Gif and animated Credit display, it also supports transition animation between the album view screens. More to be added in later versions. (The transitions do not run to well on anything less than a P700)

Text Only List At The Moment

The queue is displayed as test list showing artist name and track title, both pulled from the mp3 tag be it V1 or V2. For none MP3 file then .TAG files can be used. There is a program included to create these, they are 100% compatible with The PC Jukebox .TAG files.

Next Song Display

Now Playing screen will also display the next song in the queue. If there is no song in the queu nothing is displayed.

12 or 6 Album Cover Views

2 Different views depending on your preference, many more to be added as development continues.

PIN Number

Secure the options screen away from your users but activating the pin number access.

Tivo Styled Ratings

Give songs a Thumbs Up or Thumbs down rating, at the moment these are only displayed but will be using in the future when using the random play feature of the jukebox

Faster Startup

Improved startup over previous releases thanks to improved coding.

Redesigned User Interface

More graphical interface with more information presented to the user on each screen. This includes the release dat, cover art and other file information.

Year and Comments

Now supporting ID3V2 tags means we can present even more information.

Auto Random

If you have set random play to be on and saved the setting it will automatically start playin random tunes as soon as you boot it up.

Save Queue On Shutdown And Reload On Startup

This is ideal in cases of having to reboot the computer, any songs that have already been selected will be retained and will start playing as soon as the jukebox is next launched.

Additional Keyboard Controls

Some keyboard controls many more to be added, so far we have keys 1,2,3 mapped for credit input and ESC will exit the program.

Album Cover View On Startup

The jukebox loads straight into the album view ready to pick songs right from the first moment you boot it up.

Credit Mode

The jukebox can operate in either a credit mode or freeplay, all configured by the options screen.

Search For Song Titles or Artists by keyword

If you have built a music library using the config.exe then yuo cen preform very fast searches on either artist or track title. These can be partial searches for any part of the track title or artist name and will be returned to you instantly.

Do Not Allow Same Song In Queue Multiple Times

You can specify in the options screen to not allow duplicates in the queue so you will not get the same song played several times in a row as some users like to. This is an option to turn on and off as you so desire.

Direct Launching Of The Program

The program can be launched straight off the desktop with no need to run the config program and you can play and browse you library with ease. The only facilities that will not work when doing this are the search and the tivo ratings.

Enhanced Graphics

Hi-resolution textures ar eused throughout to give an apearance that is much more pleasing than the standard windows interface.

Full Screen Mode

Click this in the options and it will set the resolution of the screen and expand the program to fill it. IT will also hide the task bar, hiding windows completely from your users.

3 Different Ways to Get Album artwork.

Either specify the filename such as COVER.JPG or have the covers named the same as the containing folder, finally you can make it just load the firs image it finds in the folder. If no image is found it will still display a file not found image keeping it looking professional and not leaving any blanks.

Mouse Cursor Hidden In Touchscreen Mode

When running in full screen in touchscreen mode you can hide the mouse pointer for a more professional look.

Keep History From Session To Session

Click the history button to see all the songs ever played since you first set up your jukebox, these are displayed graphically using coverart and tag information as well as date/time and number of times played.

New Power Off Button

Switches back to your default resolution and restores the taskbar and mouse if you had these options turned off, as well as saving any songs in the queue if you have enabled this option. Allowing you to start everything back up the way it was when you shut down.

Greater Queue Control

Delete individual songs, select songs and PLAY NOW ahead of the rest of the queue and clear the queu completely. In future versions you will be able to move songs around in the queue and also auto shuffle it.

Top 20 List

See the top 20 most popular songs represented graphically with full tag info much akin to the history screen.


The software is fully skinable and come with 3 skins, many more to be added and more full screen skins for resolutions other than 800x600

Album Cover View

2 view included many more planed.

Currently Playing Album Cover

See the cover of the song currently playing or the video will be shown if this is a video you are playing along with all tag info.

Play An Entire Album

Add entire album to the queue with one button press.

Random Mode

This will play songs randomly from your collection at a seperate volume setting you set in the options screen aloowing you to have music quieter when no selections have been made.

Put Song At Top Of Queue, Also PLAY NOW Mode

3 Play choices with 3 different costings. Add to queue (Traditional jukebox mode), Play Next(Adds to top of queu and will played directly after the song that is currently playing.) or Play now (Stops the current song and plays your selection.)

Comment viewing options

Select your preferred way to display the comments and click "Save settings" to activate your changes.

Coin comparetor

Is it possible to connect a coin comparetor to the this jukebox. If it is how is it done?

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