FretPet v2.1.5b3
by Scott Lahteine
(Scott Lahteine Website)

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File Size: 864 KB
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No time limit, but until registered the program is save-disabled. Registration: US$30.00

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Last Updated: 2006-02-14
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

FretPet is a guitar-oriented musical sequencer which allows you to: Build chords from scales. Move through chord harmonies. Analyze the structure of chords. Export Music Movies for use in multimedia. Play songs through QuickTime or MIDI output. Find names for any chord on the guitar or piano. Build chord progressions complete with picking-patterns. FretPet is a unique musical toy that allows you to play with musical ideas, explore connections within and across keys, and discover the harmonic logic and beauty of music theory.

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Mac programs

I am using a PC, however my brother uses a mac and has trouble fing decent guitar software to download. I am trying to help him out, but I will give you the update address.
I hope this helps


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