Fretboard Warrior
by Fran├žois Brisson
(Fran├žois Brisson Website)

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Last Updated: 2002-06-01
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Software Description

Fretboard Warrior is designed to help guitar student to memorize the fretboard.

The rules are simple, click the note that corresponds to the blue dot on the fretboard.

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Fretboard studies

Dear sir
I am a 61 year old male, I have been playing the guitar sence I was 14. I never had the chance to learn the fretboard as I paly by ear. I would like to thank you for the chance to learn the fretboard with your free instructions. I feel this is a game that everyone needs to use if they dont know how to read music.

Fretboard Warroir

This is definately a very useful program! And its very simple: just click the right notes to the given position on the fretboard! Success guaranteed; you really get better in this by doing it 5-10 minutes everyday!

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