Functional Harmony 3.0
by Electronic Courseware Systems, Inc.
(Electronic Courseware Systems, Inc. Website)

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Operating System:
File Size: 1.36 MB
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System Requirements:

8 MB RAM, 1 MB free hard disk space

Last Updated: 2002-01-16
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Software Description

Functional Harmony is designed to develop facility in harmonic analysis. Section 1 allows the user to practice analyzing basic chords in major or minor keys and in root position or inversions. Using a similar format, Section 2 presents diatonic seventh chords and Section 3 presents secondary dominants. Section 4 completes the set with practice on borrowed and altered chords. The student record keeping feature allows the instructor to select the number of problems in each quiz. When using the MIDI option, the chord displayed on the screen will play through the audio device to facilitate chord identification. Windows version requires either a sound card or MIDI.

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