G-tune 2.50
by JHC SoftWare
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Free for 30 days after which you must register if you wish to keep using it (program is not time-limited, though). Registration fee $30

System Requirements:

Pentium 400, Win98 or above, Windows compatible sound card.

Last Updated: 2004-07-06
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Software Description

Version 2.50: celebrating 6 years of G-tune!

G-tune automatically measures the pitch of your instrument using a unique high-accuracy algorithm (0.01Hz measurement resolution from 15Hz to 5500Hz). Use G-tune's frequency meter, oscilloscope and realtime spectrum analyser to correctly set-up electric guitars, to tune acoustic instruments, and to train your singing voice. Fast, accurate and easy-to-use, G-tune runs under Windows with any windows-compatible sound card. It's the must-have accessory for professional and amateur muscicians.

Version 2.50 is a major new version with many improvements.

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French Horn tuning

I"m a 6th grade student that is need of learning the french horn and catching up for a missed year. I was wondering if anyone knew of software that I could use to make sure that I am on the right note. I'm going to be starting lessons. I found an online metronome.


I downloaded & installed G-tune only to find out it would not work without paying $25.00 I then tried to uninstal it & a window came up saying the uninstall was going to remove files it did not create I selected not to remove those files. It then said uninstall was done. the program is still on my pc but the uninstall is gone.how do I get rid of it without removing other files ?

Re: G-Tune

Deleting the whole folder (including the file G-Tune didn't create) won't do any harm. The only file in the folder not created by G-Tune was a hidden ".gid" file, used by the windows help system.

In your case, simply delete the "G-Tune" folder and erase the link from your start menu. I believe that the uninstall program will have removed the registry entries. If not, you just have some useless text in your registry - that's not too bad, there's plenty of junk in there anyway!

I hate programs that write their junk all over the place and refuse to be uninstalled!


Good tuner. indicates - 0 + tuning plus an indicator tells what
note you're on. Also has spectrum display (I didn't find useful).
Works well with noisy input too.

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