GarageBand 10.1.1
by Apple
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Operating System:
File Size: 182 MB
Price: USD 14.99
License Conditions:

Paid, comes with new Mac laptops and desktops

System Requirements:

Mac OS X 10.9 or later

Last Updated: 2016-05-02
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Software Description

Featured in our list of the Best Music Production Software

GarageBand for Mac is a digital audio workstation (DAW) and music sequencer, with guitar amp and effects modeling and other added features.

GarageBand is Mac's default music production software. When you run this app, you instantly transform your Mac computer into a powerful recording studio. With GarageBand, you can record each track one by one or bring the whole band over and lay down up to eight tracks simultaneously.

With GarageBand, you will run out of excuses in making music. If you don't have an instrument, you can use the built in 100+ software instruments or utilize the prerecorded instrument samples. If you don't have guitar effects, then you can just plug straight in and use the built in amp and effects modeling of Garageband. If you don't have a band to jam with, GarageBand can provide you with musicians and even back up singers. If you don't have a song, GarageBand has a plethora of songwriting and arranging tools that will help even the newbiest of all newbies to write their own song.

Finally if you don't know music or you don't know how to play an instrument - GarageBand has built in lessons for piano and guitar that will get you up and grooving in a short span of time, well with practice. So basically GarageBand will help you make music regardless of your level and situation.

To avoid confusion, GarageBand is currently labeled as GarageBand '11 which simply adds the year of the update which is 2011.

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Changes in GarageBand 10.1.1:

  • Opens Music Memos projects
  • Supports Logic Remote for iPhone and iPad Pro
  • Adds over 2,600 new Apple Loops and sounds
  • Improved reliability when downloading additional content
  • Contains multiple enhancements to Accessibility

New Features in GarageBand 10.1:

  • Various enhancements to Accessibility
  • Now Requires Apple Music Connect account.
  • 10 new Drummers that produce beats in a variety of electronic music and Hip Hop styles including House, Trap, Techno, Dubstep and more
  • Over 100 EDM and Hip Hop-inspired synthesizer Patches featuring the new Transform Pad Smart Control for sound morphing
  • Record the movements of software instrument Smart Controls to capture performances of effect and tone adjustments
  • 1,000 new Apple Loops from a variety of popular instruments and genres including EDM, Hip Hop, Indie, Disco, Funk, and Blues
  • Share directly from GarageBand to Apple Music Connect
  • Adds support for Force Touch trackpad
  • Bugfix for an issue which prevented the export of long recordings

New Features in GarageBand 10.0.2:

  • Stability improvements minor bugfixes
  • Export songs as an MP3
  • Accessibility enhancements
  • Includes 3 new Drummers and drum kits from the rock, songwriter, and R&B genres

New Features in GarageBand 10.0.1:

  • Stability improvements
  • Minor fixes

New Features of GarageBand '11:

  • Flex Time - correct timing mistakes
  • Groove Matching - automatically align rhythm and timing
  • 40 Basic Lessons for piano and guitar
  • Get immediate feedback with the lessons with the new "How did I play" feature.
  • More guitar amps and stompbox effects
  • GarageBand Artist Lessons (sold separately)

New Features in GarageBand 6.0.5:

  • Updates compatibility with GarageBand for iOS projects
  • Fixes a playback issue with the GarageBand Lesson preview videos
  • Corrects issues with some software instruments triggering incorrect or stuck notes

New Features in GarageBand 6.0.4:

  • Bugfixes for GarageBand Lesson Store, tempo-based effects syncing and Magic GarageBand project files.
  • Fixed some general compatibility issues
  • Improved overall stability

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