Gat'R 1.1
by Sonicbytes
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The demo version is fully functional with the limitation that saving is disabled and a noise arises now and then.

System Requirements:

VST host.

Last Updated: 2004-09-28
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

Gat'R is a dedicated pattern-based gating effect. Rhythmic patterns are routable to amplitude, multimode-filter and delay modules in different combinations, or even sent outside to external synths and effects via Midi CC. Like all SONICBYTES programs Gat'R supports live performance, and patterns can be triggered or swapped on-the-fly by Midi message. A demo is available.


  • Two independent stereo pattern sequencers routed to volume and filter
  • Host synchronization of gates, LFO's and delay unit
  • 1-32 steps per gate with both impulse and tied steps
  • Many editing commands with random
  • Gate parameters: Tempo, Attack/Release, Close/Open, Gatetime, Swing, Delay
  • 6 LFO's with 8 waveforms, smoothing, and 30 modulation targets
  • Filter with 8 types plus overdrive and distortion effect
  • Delay unit, stereo reversal
  • Modular unit routing; four different playmodes
  • Preset Manager with clipboard
  • Pattern recall via Midi note-in

New in 1.1:

  • Two new LFO waveforms have been added to the six LFOs. A pulse with 25% duty cycle lets you isolate the first step in sequences of four, for rhythmic modulation. A 33% duty cycle pulse does a similar thing for triplet tempi. In addition, the plug-in's global dry/wet control has been added to the list of possible LFO targets (for a total of 30).
  • 7fan has created a new skin, "CelShading". In addition, a new "Flat" style has been added (with two examples).
  • The built-in preset manager has a new capability. It is now possible to move just the steps from one pattern to another (leaving all settings such as Open/Close values, Filter Cutoff, etc. unchanged). This lets you build up libraries of basic sequences and drop them into complicated patches.
  • Playmode has been made a global parameter. Switching from threshold-triggered to host-synced now applies to the entire bank.
  • A tutorial is now provided, and the number of presets is more than 100.
  • Gat'R now comes with its own installer. (The gdiplus.dll is no longer needed--support for transparent PNGs is now native.)

From the author - A note for Windows 98/2000 users: Gat'R uses a Microsoft library which is not part of Windows 98/2000. This library can be found in SONICBYTES\shared. Please unzip the file and copy the gidplus.dll into your windows (on Windows 98) or windows\system32 (on Windows 2000) directory. This is absolutely safe.

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i installed demo version but the appliication is not iinstalled

when i download this soft... then use winzip to xtract its files & when i installed it on my pc but there is no any program file to run this software why ?????

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