Genobazz v2.5
by Tek'it Audio
(Tek'it Audio Website)
Owned by user mika

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VSTi host application.

Last Updated: 2016-04-04
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

Genobazz is a monophonic bass synthesizer plugin, designed to be simple to use, for all your bass need.


  • 8 Waveforms: saw, square, pulse, double sine, saw-pulse, reso1, reso2 and reso3
  • 6 Filter types: Fat low pass, 24dB low pass, VCF Ladder, Modulo low pass, 36dB State Variable, Fat filter
  • Full MIDI automation and MIDI learn on all parameters
  • Integrated Patch manager
  • 23 Factory sound presets
  • Note play mode control

New in v2.5

  • Bugfix for some filters was never selected on randomize.
  • Added 5 new ZDF state variable filter modes.
  • Improved Undo and Randomize management.
  • Improved bass frequency response on 24dB LP Diode Ladder.
  • GUI improved modulation pop-up usability and design.
  • GUI Info screen updated.
  • Updated Setup.

New in v2.3.1

  • Performance options are now saved with the preset.
  • Modified screen color to gray.
  • Moved info, social and help buttons next to the Tek'it Audio logo.
  • Better GUI random and Undo icons.
  • Enhanced GUI performance options (Bend range, Env retrigger, Priority) selector.
  • Updated the info screen.
  • User Manual updated.

    New in v2.3

    • Reduced SV Bandpass CPU use.
    • Faster Undo initialization.
    • SSE2 instruction sets requirement.
    • Reduced plug-in load time.
    • GUI minor improvements.
    • Better Installer.
    • Windows 8 compatibility layer.
    • Other minor improvements.
    • User Manual updated.

    New in v2.2

    • Various bugfixes
    • New band pass filter
    • Interface improvements
    • Assign negative values to each envelope for complex modulations
    • 2 new presets to demonstrate envelope update
    • Free Hypnagogia Expansion for download

    New in v2.1

    • Bug on MSEG max/min value for pitch and pan resolved.
    • Bug on Cutoff frequency used with MSEG on some filters resolved.
    • Bug some animations are not at the right refresh rate resolved.
    • GUI Modulation animation now use realtime animation instead of bitmap.
    • GUI Modulation animation begin at knob position.
    • Optimization and reduced CPU use on various parts.
    • GUI new design for bottom screen switch.
    • GUI new design for social network screen.
    • 10 New sound presets added.

    New in v2.0

    • New Filters
    • New Multi-segment Envelop Generators
    • Velocity amount controllers
    • Other enhancements

    New in v1.2.3

    • Bug on MIDI learn for Randomize and Undo resolved.
    • Optimization and reduced CPU use on various parts.
    • Setup updated.

    New in v1.2.2

    • Maximum pitch bend range control added
    • Panoramic right click pop-up menu control added
    • 6 new factory presets added
    • Bug on MIDI learn for Pitch knob resolved
    • GUI next & previous patch sprite updated
    • GUI some visual enchancement
    • GUI some Hint texts changed
    • User manual updated
    • Setup english end message updated

    New in v1.2.1

    • Random on switch and screen parameters added
    • Now undo changes on all parameters
    • Reduced CPU on SV filter when "Reso" is modulated
    • "Modul" knob default CC changed from 77 to 1 Mod wheel
    • Bug in Cubase on specific configuration resolved
    • GUI bigger clickable zone on the screen
    • GUI left click for patch manager popup added
    • GUI some visual improvements on the screen
    • GUI some Hint texts changed
    • Setup added Dutch and Japanese language

    New in v1.2

    • 12dB/oct high-pass filter added.
    • Sub-boost added.
    • Pitch pop-up issues fixed.
    • Patch manager pop-up on the "Patch Edit" screen added.
    • Clickable zone on "waveform" are now larger.
    • "3D style" knobs and other improvements on the GUI.
    • New system for knob parameters , lighter on CPU.
    • Knob can be reset to patch value on double-click.
    • Randomize and Reset All knobs added.
    • Some SSE optimizations added.
    • Patch instruments and Banks from previous version are no longer compatible.
    • Revised user manual.
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