Gnome Synthersizer v1.0
by EVM Synths
(EVM Synths Website)

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Operating System:
File Size: 1.17 MB
License Conditions:

By registering you will gain access to all the plugins in the EVMsynths range.
Including all future plugins released under the EVM synths product name. Registration: 34.95 Euro.

System Requirements:

VSTi Host Application.

Last Updated: 2005-07-01
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

Gnome Synthersizer features:

2 Oscillators with multiple waveforms

  • Osc 1 variable grade factor syncronised to Osc 1 or Osc 2
  • Osc 2 Additional subwaves
  • Osc sync mode
  • Variable glide
  • Transpose +/- 2 octaves
  • Tune +/- 1 semitone
  • Monophonic / Polyphonic or Multiphonic (unison) modes with Multi Detune

2 State Variable Filters

  • Individual Level, Frequency, Resonance (Q), State Ratio and Stereo Pan controls

5 Envelope Generators

  • 1 Dedicated Amplifier Envelope Generator
  • 4 Variable Destination Envelope Generators with 10 Destinations each
  • (osc1 pitch,osc2 pitch,osc1+2 pitch,osc1 PWM,osc1 grade,osc2 basis,osc2 subwave,filter1 freq,filter2 freq,filter 1+2 freq)
  • Normal or inverted operation

4 Lfo's

  • 2 Custom waveform LFO's (sine,saw,ramp,100% pulse,50% pulse,25% pulse,fast random,slow random)
  • 2 Standard waveform LFO's (sine,saw,ramp,triangle,pulse,white noise,pink noise)
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