GoMinimal! v2.5
by ProletSoft
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Last Updated: 2010-02-24
For more detail about software : Software Description

Software Description

GoMinimal! offers the possibility to transform plain ascii text-files (*.txt) and (RIFF 8 or 16 bit) wave-files (*.wav) into
Standard Midi 0 Files (*.mid). The result of this all is a 16-channel (limited to a set of 128 instruments and about 60 drums)
format 0 general midi-file containing pure minimal music. A second possibility is to load a standard midi-file (format 0 or 1)
and write an ascii text-representation of it that is compact, editable (with a text-editor) and easily to reparse into another midi-file.

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Go Minimal2.5

Works like a charm...very simple interface, easy to convert.

Cannot download

The download link to this (freeservers) refuses to allow the download to take place

Re: Cannot download

I was able to download an unzip the file from freeservers!

No Errors

Well, this is a conversation that is taking years to pan out - but: if you want to give this software a tryout, do so, I've just tried it on Win XP and have had no problems with it at all. I did open and close all files from the application directory - just in case that makes a difference.

Fake Program?

Well, considering there's a communist symbol on the page it's on and that it's hosted on MediaFire, I'm assuming it's just some guy who made a virus and a fake program set to display only an error message as a prank.

Don't work!!

I get the same error as brittnell,i rekkon the creator of this is avin a laugh,and it dosent work at all!!

"Can't Copy..."

Anybody gotten this to work?
I keep getting an error that says, "Can't copy: C:/Dir/File.mid"
Both with .txt and .wav.
I've read the instructoins again and again, and believe I'm doing this right... Any ideas?

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