Guitar Freak of Nature
by Sean Clancy Enterprises
(Sean Clancy Enterprises Website)

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Operating System:
File Size: 4.16 MB
License Conditions:

Restricted access to scales and chords and tempos. Registration Fee - $95 (US)

System Requirements:

Computer, Soundcard, Guitar, eyes

Last Updated: 2005-07-07
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Software Description

GuitarFreak will teach every chord in the 14 positions that Jazz Guitarists use (in pictoral form). See a list of scales for every chord in every position, hear them - A list of Chords for any Scale in triads, 4-notes chords and every other chord. 70 scales, metronome and chord trainer. A Guitar fretboard will show you the scale or chord (or both) all over the entire neck. Prolevelguitar Naturalizer is now on steriods - It will play the chords and bass notes of any scale-harmonized chord series so you can nail that scale. Sound like Allan Holdsworth! Very visual and user friendly. Print reference sheets directly to your printer. Includes a large-view real time clock so you can make effective use of your practice time. Make your own jazz licks and create your own place in musical history!

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