Guitar Freak Workstation with SightReader v1.0
by Sean Clancy
(Sean Clancy Website)

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File Size: 18.9 MB
License Conditions:

You can register only the sight-reading side for $60 and all the other incredible features for $95. You can upgrade at anytime for the price difference.

System Requirements:

Microsoft Framework 2.0, Midi Soundcard, Guitar or Bass

Last Updated: 2008-07-21
For more detail about software : Software Description

Software Description

SightReader Master has been built from the ground up - now featuring 4 bars to help you read across and down the page! Not only are there goups of 3 and 4 - but quintiplets (groups of 5). Every combination up to 16th notes! You can now choose any scale in the Guitar Freak Workstation to use as your base scale.

Upgrade to Guitar Freak Workshop and get access to tools you know guitarists should have but nobody thought of you until now!
Progression Trainer - using the progression creator, you can design your own progressions. In the progression trainer, you can use these progressions created, in any key, to practice licks and phrases you have learnt or practice your scales.
The Invertor (bass and Guitar) - this is a brand new tool never before offered to guitarists and bassists. You have a fretboard. You can choose any key, any scale and by clicking on the fretboard, you can create a lick or chord. Then by clicking either up and down, the shape will move diatonically up or down to the next invertion of the shape. Great for Chord melodies, scales, string skips, arpeggios and more!

Quick Chords for Guitar. This handy tool will provide 15 different voicings for any chord or scale in any key.You can see what chords go with which scale and also what scales fit any chord. You can see - and hear them play. This will provide you with the ability to either play a chord or scale (your choice) when reading a chart!

Eartraining - chords and scale recognition - it's all here. Great if you're prepping for exams for your jazz degree. There are also more real world training as well. Recognizing the interval of a note over a bass note, tracking bass movement, tracking melody movement and singing intervals over a bass note. There is also a complete list of reference melodies of familiar songs so that you can get familiar with learning intervals (lots of books will give you obscure melodies - here you can hear them and they'll likely be melodies you'll recognize!)

Perfect Pitch training - we have 4 different methods; Drone - the note being spoken and then played. Put on in the background while you're cleaning your room. Melody - create a list of songs and a note about each (we usually mentally recall a song in the same key we hear it in). Pick the note (my personal favourite) - play a note on the keyboard. Then start the test. press space bar when you hear it amongst the other notes being flung at you and finally, a method based of a certain Perfect Pitch course you might have seen in magazines!

An advanced metronome with enhancements for learning your chords, scales and building your technique. Complete with transparency function so it won't get in the way of what you're practicing.

Manage your chord Libraries - as seen in SightReader Master - but with better graphics.

The Workpage. You can take 'photos' of all the graphics in GFW and use them to create a refence page or teaching material. You can import images from the clipboard as well as the graphics, drag them around the screen, add text and save as a complete graphic. You can also print them.

The Resource page - access your saved workpages, print or access the metronome for practicing. There are also included resources such as manuscript pages and tab pages.

Add Chords and scales easily - found a chord or scale not listed - well... add it!

Guitar Freak Workstation can be registered just for the SightReader Master Extreme side. You can upgrade from SightReader Master Extreme to Guitar Freak Workstation at any time for only $35 USD!

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Guitar Freak Workstation totally rocks!

Very powerful software - first, I can't believe I found some software that actually helps me to sight-read! I am learning to read faster than I thought imaginable. I have lots of books on sight-reading - but this blows them away! There are even groups of 5 if I want them!

The other side of the software has all the eartraining I could imagine. Realtive pitch training for the real world - as well as all the eartraining drills I experienced at Jazz school. There are even 4 different methods for developing perfect pitch.

Using the Invertor, I could choose any chord or scale, click on the fretboard to create a shape, and with the click of a button, I could take it up or down diatonically through the scale or chord! It would also play for me 5 different ways. I could print it out - so this is going to save a lot of time! It was really good for my sweep areggios and scales!

In Quickchords I could see any chord or scale in 15 different inversions - then I could see what chords go with what scales see them in the voicings and also what chords go with any scale! Everythig is palyable and printable. Both me and my students are going to benefit from this! Very useful for making licks!

There a progression creator and trainer. I could make any progression I want and the trainer will play my chosen progressions in any selected keys I want. Great for practicing my scales, comping and licks in any key and hearing how it sounds over a progression. This is even more useful than my band in a box software because it makes sure I can play any lick well over changes in every key!

The metronome has some features also that work as well as the progression trainer. It has a subdivider that splits the click into 2 or 5 or 7 or anything else you can think of - this way I can practice my timing. It also has a feature to play a bass line around a cirlce of 4ths, 5th. Basically It means I can practice my scales, licks, chords and get them down in 12 keys!

The help file not only tells me how to run this software - but it has music lessons in it as well! It was really helpful in helping me to understand how to read charts!
There are also tutorials from the website that tell me how to create licks and get the most out of Guitar Freak Workstation - easily accessable in the inbuilt browser!

Finally, I could take snapshots of any of the graphics in the software and create a workpage with the graphics, scaling, rotating and even adding pictures off the clipboard from powertab or other software. I can add text and create lesson pages for my students and for myself. There are some tab and chord resources in worksheet form that I can select and print as well.

Overall, I haven't found ANY software that can deliver so many practical features like Guitar Freak Workstation with SightReader Master. I highly recommend it!

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