Guitar Guru v2.2.5
by Musicnotes, Inc.
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Last Updated: 2004-04-21
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Software Description

Guitar Guru provides interactive song sessions designed to help you learn guitar and teach you how to play hundreds of your favorite songs. This song-based learning software complements guitar tablature by providing additional, detailed instructions that guitar tab alone is unable to provide. Guitar Guru teaches guitarists of all skill levels how to play songs from all genres using a variety of intuitive, easy-to-use tools. Features include a virtual fretboard showing proper fingerings in real-time, detailed instructions for all guitar parts in each song, adjustable playback/learning tempo, MIDI or CD-synced audio, customizable display with additional guitar skins, and sample passages for 16 popular songs.

New in Guitar Guru v2.2.5 are a variety of enhancements, upgrades and new features - all of which are compatible with previously purchased Guitar Guru Sessions. These include a step-through playback function allowing you to step through each event (fingering change, strum, etc.) at any speed using the arrow keys on your keyboard, delayed start option, improved chord displays and playing tips system, bass guitar support, MIDI tone change option, and a customizable finger number and color display.

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Is this compatible with

Is this compatible with Windows 7?

1. How much does it cost? 2.

1. How much does it cost?
2. Does it work with Windows Vista?


Guitar Guru is free and it looks like it only works on Windows XP

Windows Vista / Guitar Guru

I downloaded guitar guru over 997 days ago (considering that was the last time my laptop did a virus ceck and I havent turned it on since ) and it seems to work just fine for me

It's not compatible with my system.

I'm running XP on a new emachine. I think that this is a great idea for a program... it's just not quite finished. The help file says that you can insert ANY cd and this app will work. However, there is NO help if the app doesn't even recognize that there IS a cd drive. Now I can't expect alot for a free program, but if it says it will, then it should!! In all fairness, I haven't contacted the developer yet... that's next.

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