Guitar Shed v2.9
by Astoundit Software
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Operating System:
File Size: 7.1 MB
License Conditions:

Program may be launched 10 times. Registration: US$18.00

System Requirements:

QuickTime 7 required for song slow-down without pitch change

Last Updated: 2008-11-12
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Software Description

Guitar Shed is a fully-integrated set of software tools for the guitarist (and other musicians). Its tools include two separate tuners (Chromatic and Tonal), tablature organizer, chord library, web manager, gig manager, jam machine, and song jam modules. All of this together, in a single software package, makes the most complete and essential suite of tools imaginable. On the road, in the studio, or at home - Guitar Shed will make a huge positive impact in your playing ability.

New in v2.9

  • Song slow-downer without pitch change is now fully supported.
  • Data is now stored in a much more efficient format. If you're upgrading from a previous version, your data will be automatically updated to use the new features.
  • Lots of small interface fixes, performance improvements, and overall stability added.
  • Tablature Search feature is greatly improved.
  • Song Jam now plays unprotected AAC songs again. Also, the Treble/Bass equalizer sweep range is much greater allowing fine-tuning of your music and to help single out specific instruments.
  • Metronome is now multi-threaded to enhance time accuracy. Also, 7/8 and 12/8 time signatures are now correctly counted.
  • Gig Manager and Web Manager are fixed to allow editing again.
  • Many other small fixes and optimizations for Windows XP users, and the upcoming Windows Vista.
  • Update is free for all registered Guitar Shed 2 users.

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Awesome fun for guitarists!

Woah just realized the other tip is like 6years old geez 2003 feels like yesterday, moving on.

I grabbed the guitar shed demo free download to mess around with this weekend but couldn't wait. looked to fun! my dinosaur computer has only Windows XP no Vista junk and works just good for my needs.

when I ran this guitar download thing it said I needed that QUICKTIME stuff and was just searching google for info. NO laughing at me ROFL but I still used WinAmp all these years just cause I was lazy to change it except I really have wanted to switch my tunes in to cool iTunes and this made a good reason. yay 4 me!!! Geez I'm an idiot 4 waiting so long cause iTunes is SOOOO much cooler!

Just the same, when I went to the web site to get that QUICKTIME witch took me to the web site from Apple Computers. I guess they make it. As I said I don't know all that much about these things but unfortunately I am old enough LOL to know who Apple Computer is so at least this quicktime is a big time player coming from them. I picked to download it with iTunes. installed it all. re-started my trusty Dell computer. and sure enough opened the Guitar shed software that I did this for, plus I'm loving iTunes! and YES it works now as advertised.

guitar shed is awesome guys. totally diggin it! thank you for the quicktime tip here to. worked like a charm. my demo try time period ran out with it but didn't matter much as I was planning to buy it from the start if it worked like the companys web site said and how the nice pictures of the different screens it has loaded up on my dino computer. so yes it did and I am one happy guitarest now!

Ya, runs perfect

I think I already had quicktime installed, and it ran perfectly. No complaints here, this is EXCELLENT software!

Install quicktime 6

If your installation of Guitar Shed
reports errors and crashes on startup,
install quicktime 6. GS refused to run,
with errors. Then i noticed a reference to qt-6 in the doc pdf file. Installed,
and GS is up & running. Just a heads up.

Works great

Really cool program and really helpful. I have used it many times so far and will use many times in the future.

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