GuitarTeX v2.8.2
by jmiltz
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Last Updated: 2002-07-10
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Software Description

GuitarTeX is a tool for guitarists who want to print good looking and easy to play song sheets or song books from their chord or chordpro files. It uses the well known chord format with several extensions.


  • Graphical user interface with integrated editor
  • Prints good looking song sheets including guitar chords without using monospace fonts
  • Output formats: LaTeX, Postscript and PDF
  • Compatible with ChordPro format, import funktion for ascii format
  • Flexible page layout (paper size, margins...)
  • User defined colors for different parts of a song (e.g. verse, chorus)
  • Optional printing of chord symbols at the end of a song
  • Transpose up or down your song by mouse clicks
  • Creates single song sheets or complete song books with a title page, table of contents, headlines with page numbering, chord table and index
  • Supports ASCII tablature and the built in tablature directives for guitar and bass tabs
  • Support for multiple languages (if you don't find your langauage, you can help the author to add it)
  • Runs on Linux and Windows operating system (it should run on any operating system that is supported by Perl/TK and LaTeX, but it is not tested)
  • Setup your song book project from single song files with the include directive
  • LaTeX commands may be used in Chordpro files (for the professionals)

As of 09/12/2004, this project is no longer under active development.

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its very good.

guitar song sheet

I am looking for a guitar song sheet written by Arlo Guthrie, Title is called " City of New Orleans" and a guitar song sheet written by John Denver, title is called "Darcy Farrow".
Since I have moved from South Caolina to Alabama and presently living in a motel for the time being, I would like to know the cost plus shipping and handling of the 2 song sheets.

Thank you.

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