Guitar Chord Transposer
by Darren Hardy
(Darren Hardy Website)

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Last Updated: 2001-06-01
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Software Description

Finding chord sequences on-line has never been simpler!
You'll be playing your favorite songs easier than ever before!

This program has been designed for those of us who
don't have such an incredible voice range as some of
our favourite stars, but would dearly love to sing
some of those classic songs which unfortunately just
dip too low for us to croak or too high for us to screech.

But there is more... Which fool wrote that song for guitar
in Db Major? Well now you can have that song in the simple
to play key of D in just seconds!

The latest release features integrated on-line web searching. Simply
type a keyword from the artist or song title and then select your song from
the resulting list of matches from custom search engines all over the internet
The GCT automatic update feature means additional chord archives will be added
to the search feature without the need to manually reconfigure your software.

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Integrated Tab Search

This software has an extremely useful tab search feature. It searches mutiple OLGA style archives with a single click and downloads the files right into the application! Cool.

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