Guitar Mentor v2.2
by MTR Inc.
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Operating System:
File Size: 7.5MB
License Conditions:

30 Day Trial. Registration: US$39.95

System Requirements:

Minimum 256 RAM, 50 Mb disk space

Last Updated: 2005-03-01
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

Instantly tap the expertise of professional studio and performance artist, and guitar instructor, Bill Schnare. Bill has put 30 years of heart and soul, guitar playing mastery, studio session work, and music instruction, into this priceless treasure of guitar wizardry.

Built-in Video Demonstrations

An integrated library of Video demonstration files to help you get the most from your Guitar Mentor software.

Song Arranger

Builds upon the easy to follow guidance provided by the Composer feature. Song Arranger lets you place chords of your choice into a bar matrix which can then be played back with animated chord shapes and sound.


Works closely with Song Arranger to establish the basic framework for your composition. Simply choose the scale that you want to compose with and Composer generates a broad selection of chords that will work with your chosen scale. Composer gives you an instant path to correct scale and chord options - and Song Arranger lets you arrange these options into the chord sequence for your composition.

Auto Scale

Is a powerful feature that calculates the correct relationship between the three fundamental components of music, Key, Chord and Scale. For example, just tell Auto Scale which key and which chord you want to work with and Auto Scale will calculate the correct scale that you need for soloing!


Unleashes enormous soloing potential when playing over power chords.

Chord Search

Will often find the identity of "Mystery Chords." These are chords that a guitarist accidentaly discovers while playing, but he does not know which chord it really is. If the chord type exists in the Guitar Mentor database, Chord Search will reveal it to the guitarist.

Arpeggio/Chord Builder
Lets you construct a chosen chord at any possible location on the fingerboard. Arpeggio/Chord Builder also shows you the complete arpeggio of the selected chord for additional soloing options!

Strum Duration (SD)

Gives you a huge range of selectable strum rates for the chord sounds. You can go from a fast and aggressive chop across the strings to a slow and mellow arppeggio, where each note of the chord can be clearly heard in sequence.

Fingerboard Copy

Allows you to copy up to twelve scale or chord selections for reference as you work at your composition. These copies can be printed out and saved into your Song Arranger composition folder for future reference.

Truly Helpful Help Files

The Guitar Mentor help files do more than only tell you how to operate the program. They include sections that assist you in your decisions regarding why you should select a particular scale or mode to determine the mood of your composition.

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