Guitar Workshop
by Kevin Busarow
(Kevin Busarow Website)

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Operating System:
File Size: 2.9 MB
License Conditions:

Demo has some limitations. Registration: $24.95.

System Requirements:

Requires a sound card with MIDI

Last Updated: 2000-01-10
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

"...a platform for song-playback and interactive lesson modules developed by professional guitarists. The interface and features set the standard for guitar tutorial software. Guitar Workshop is also a tool for composers- creating score and tablature on-the-fly from simply clicking on the fretboard."

New version 3.01 - new low price! Create score and tablature on-the-fly from simply clicking on the fretboard. Download free songs from the Oberwerk Corporation's website. Visit for complete info.

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guitar workshop

Just rubbish, doesnt save and cant be registered, should be removed from all download sites. Also dont download digital rhythm box or send any money to Tradexco in Canada, I did and didnt get the program, it is sometimes called drummerd, avoid it, same goes for guitar plus.

guitar workshop

trash dont bother dowloading it

Guitar Workshop

I mailed the developers to enquire about ordering the full package - CD, manual etc. They said that they don't have a CD or manual - it's all on line. You pay your money and they email you the password. Hmmmm..... seen that one before! Program crashes, you re-install, re-enter the password and - hey presto, it doesn't work. Phone 'em up and pay up all over again. Be wary.....

Guitar Workshop

I tried twice to download Guitar workshop, and it gets 99% through the download and then just stops! What do I do now?

Re: Guitar Workshop - it may not B worth the aggrevation

I had trouble downloading also. So, i went to the developer's home page and they say this about it:

"Demo is fully-functional except- loads limited number of lesson modules & songs, song editor SAVE disabled, & chord module limited to "C" chords".

So, maybe it's not worth the trouble.

Good luck,

well i dont think ill bother.

Good feedback,bad publicity-i love it,i may be a guitar idiot on the rocky road to musical enlightenment but not a total moron. saved me the download time !!!!

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