Guitarpad v1.01
by Basil Regan
(Basil Regan Website)

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Operating System:
File Size: 3.25 MB
License Conditions:

10 use limit. Registration: US$25.00. Download digital tuner for free.

System Requirements:

100 MB RAM, 30 MB disk space

Last Updated: 2005-11-12
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

Guitarpad is a comprehensive package that will help you in many aspects of your Guitar activities. Easily upload songs with their chords into a searchable database, automatically transpose key, includes an editable and comprehensive chord database, includes a free automatic tuner, and much more.


  • Use graphical tools to help you rapidly enter your song lyrics and chords into the Guitarpad database
  • Download lyrics and chords into Guitarpad from the Internet
  • Group your songs into categorised and searchable groups facilitating easy organization and retrieval
  • Transpose your songs to any key with the click of a button
  • Share your song database with friends via email
  • Print your songs with/without chords or display them directly on an overhead projector
  • Add your own chords to the Guitarpad database of 600 chords using graphical tools
  • Form a group of your favourite chords or the chords in a given key which facilitates access and retrieval
    Automatically generate the chords required for a given key

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good product

Compares this with other guitar software. Good value at $15! Tuner is great.

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