MP3-Mixer v3.1
by H-Soft
(H-Soft Website)
Owned by user hubertschilder

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Operating System:
File Size: 2.2 MB
License Conditions:


System Requirements:

P166 MMX 32MB RAM, DirectX7 installed

Last Updated: 2016-01-26
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

The MP3-Mixer has been developed because there was a need for a simple "point and play" no nonsense MP3 player, that was flexible enough to MIX the end of the currently playing song with the beginning of the next, in a complete radio station like manner.

Of cause it has to support M3U play list files and it would be great if you can even adjust the length and position of the mixes and play random or auto next, wouldn't it...? Well you can! Do you have a full duplex audio card (aren't they all nowadays)? Great!

You can select and highlight all the MP3 audio files (or WAV's) and let the MP3-Mixer calculate the total playing time (taking the mixing length in consideration), so that you can match the total playing time of 74 minutes and record the 74 minutes long MIX to a WAV file of 650 Mb, allowing you to record it to a CD.

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