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Price: EUR 498
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30 day trial, full version is 498 EUR

System Requirements:

Intel Core 2 duo, 1.6 GHz or faster, VST Host Application

Last Updated: 2011-09-07
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Software Description

Harpex-B is a VST plug-in for Mac OSX that is used for B-format processing which takes into account both the non-linear, parametric nature of spatial hearing.

This plug-in is designed to be a tool for audio content producers who uses B-format audio workflow. Harpex-B gives an advanced step towards better quality, creating detailed, clear and sharper, more stable renderings of B-format materials. Harpex-B is used to emulate a 3D hearing field for a user's audio. Users can manage audio placement, mic placement and other spatial elements for an enhanced 3D sound experience.

Here is a video that shows the use of Harpex-B and it's many possible applications:

A Windows version is also available.

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