How to play the Guitar Vol 2 v5.0
by Amar Guerfi
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Last Updated: 2004-12-29
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Software Description

How to play the Guitar - Volume II is the sequel to the 1st volume.

Developed by a professional guitar player and trainer, this multimedia tutorial takes you step-by-step through the fundamentals of playing blues, rock, folk, finger picking, on the electric or acoustic guitar.

Volume II is for beginning and intermediate musicians. Its 23 lessons cover guitar skills, technique, and musical theory. It uses both tab and standard musical notation to teach students to master the pick, arpeggios, finger-picking, hammering-on and pulling-off, slide, chords, and performing basic rhythms to a steady beat.

Recreating the atmosphere of a private guitar lesson, the program covers common mistakes encountered by most students, including difficulties in keeping rhythm, fingering, and musical interpretation. Each lesson is progressively more difficult, and builds on prior lessons. In addition, all of the exercises are provided in standard MIDI form!

Some guitar parts can be played with a bass and drums accompaniment to keep time.

The course has a metronome to keep time, and a tuner to ensure that the guitar has the right pitch.

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