Iblit v1.0
by Andreas Ersson
(Andreas Ersson Website)

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Operating System:
File Size: 1.26 MB
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System Requirements:

VSTi host application.

Last Updated: 2007-01-22
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

Iblit is a monophonic VST 2.3 compatible software synthesizer for PC.
The oscillator waveforms are generated using BLITs (Band Limited Impulse Train) which gives oscillators with very low aliasing.


  • 3 oscillators
  • Pulse and Sawtooth waveforms
  • Noise generator
  • Transpose ±24 semitones
  • Fine Tune ±50 cent
  • Pulse Width Modulation
  • Individual Pitch Bend range for each oscillator
  • Portamento
  • 24dB/octave LP/HP filter
  • Two LFOs
  • Two ADSR envelope generators

New in v1.0

  • New gui
  • Midi learn
  • Midi program change
  • Drag and drop support for fxp and fxb files
  • Smoothing filter on ModWheel and Cutoff parameter
  • Some optimizations
  • Default knob mode changed to linear
  • Various bug fixes
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