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Demo, full version is available for $99

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AU/VST host application.

Last Updated: 2012-02-23
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Software Description

InPhase is a phase coherence plugin.

InPhase is designed to resolve phasing issues in your audion production. When you get multiple signals with different phases during recording, or when mixing multiple tracks, and finally when you are mastering the final stereo mix, InPhase can check and correct any problems with phasing.

To assist you in restoring phase coherence, InPhase features high resolution dual waveform displays. It shows phase shift filters with adjustable frequency and Q. You can move your waveforms manually or using the delay control, and even align them in relation to a sidechain input. InPhase includes mono, stereo, and dedicated live components, plus InPhase LT, a simplified version that gives you easy access to creative phase manipulation.


  • Gain
  • Phase Shift Curve Type
  • Phase shift curve window
  • Frequency
  • Phase Invert
  • Q
  • Delay
  • Output LED
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