InTime Tempo Tracking System v1.4.1
by Circular Logic
(Circular Logic Website)
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Operating System:
File Size: 1.45 MB
Price: USD 159
License Conditions:

Fully functioning for 30 days, after which registration is required. Single user/Multiple Machine licenses are US $159.

System Requirements:

Pentium II or better. MIDI Input.

Last Updated: 2011-02-01
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Software Description

Are you tired of rigid click tracks? Tired of having to follow the computer's tempo? Do you want to play live and have your computer follow *you*? Do you want to play naturally and still get an accurate transcription? Then check out the InTime Tempo Tracking System, from Circular Logic.

InTime is "Tempo Tracking" software. You play, and it follows you. It's like a reverse metronome. InTime is capable of following broad, sweeping tempo fluctuations, as well as the subtle nuances of playing with a groove, both with remarkable accuracy. The favorite use of InTime is to synchronize software sequencers and effects to a live drummer or other musician, so the performers are no longer stuck following the rigid timing of a computer. Other users take advantage of InTime's natural tempo tracking to record tracks with a natural feel, improve the accuracy of notation software, or even have a light show sync up to what they play.

InTime can work as a sync master, driving other software and external MIDI devices to slave to a musician's playing. InTime users can play and record along with pre-recorded MIDI tracks, and those tracks will follow their playing in real time. They can loop a MIDI file, great for practicing with a rhythm track. There are features for customizing InTime's behavior, such as the tempo limiter, which allows users to set a minimum and maximum tempo, so they don't speed up or slow down too much. The Groove Tracking mode lets users play "around" a steady tempo but still play with feel. There is also a suite of advanced tempo tracking controls that lets the users refine InTime to follow their personal style of playing.

Main Features:

  • Tempo Tracking and Groove Tracking modes
  • Sync Master for MIDI software and hardware
  • MIDI file playback, in sync with your playing
  • Follows any MIDI instrument, or acoustic instrument with simple MIDI or audio triggers.
  • Playlists and flexible Presets
  • Recording for capturing natural tempo tracks and notation
  • Tracking customization features
  • MIDI Triggers for remote control

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