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Free for owners of Chameleon.

System Requirements:

You only need a Chameleon, a MIDI sequencer and a MIDI cable to download the application you wish inside the Chameleon.

Last Updated: 2003-09-17
For more detail about software : Software Description

Software Description

Infiltrator is a creative sound-shaping tool for use in the studio and on stage, essentially based around two banks of powerful filters. It was principally designed as a powerful vocoding system, but has evolved into something much more and is capable of working as a wide range of filtering FX and tools.

The principal purpose of Infiltrator is for vocoding, using filter banks as in the classical analogue vocoders. The 'Vocoder Mode' allows the emulation of nearly every kind of classic vocoder architecture, as well as the creation of brand new vocoder sounds. In addition to the traditional Synthesis and Analysis filter banks, there is a silence/voiced/unvoiced detector, a noise generator and a built-in synthesizer with twin oscillators for creating Carrier signals and waveforms internally. There are also delay FX available on the inputs and outputs for all sorts of echo-based treatments.

So as well as a 'Vocoder Mode', it can operate in four slightly different 'EQ Modes' to create things like:

  • Highly accurate stereo equalizers with up to 24 bands
  • DJ-type performance filters for realtime sound shaping
  • Stereo spectral Analysis meters
  • Complex time based filtering FX such as wah-wahs, sweeping phase patterns, comb filtering and more
  • Stereo multiband Resonators and filtered ring modulators (ring mod is available on the inputs)
  • A simple mono synth (the vocoders internal Carrier) with monster filterbank FX on top!
  • All of the above with multiple delay FX and echoes

The third and most straightforward mode is 'Multiband Mode'. In Multiband Mode Infiltrator reorders the processors to provide a flexible 5 band stereo (or dual mono) multiband compressor/expander and gate, for possible use in dynamics FX processing and mastering situations. It can also be used for unconventional creative use, and to this end we have put a delay FX on each band of the Multiband set-up instead of the inputs and outputs, so that you can create highly unusual filtering/compression/echo effects that operate on different frequency bands simultaneously.

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