AnalogX Interleave 1.00
by AnalogX
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Last Updated: 1999-09-24
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Software Description

If you've done a fair amount of digital audio, you've probably noticed that when you backup your audio tracks, and then restore them, sometimes it seems to take more CPU time or not perform as well as it used to... This isn't your imagination, this is the joys of interleaved files. A normal file loves to be written out linearly; with every byte following the last byte, but digital audio doesn't work the same way, it prefers each sample to be woven with the next tracks sample, and that's just what this does...

AnalogX Interleave takes a file (normally a single audio track from a multitrack recording), and interleaves it with any number of other files you select, with independent header and content sizes for each file! This allows you to re-interleave files that you might have previously archived, or even improve the performance of files stored on another drive (since normal file copy will copy the file in a linear fashion again).

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je veux un logiciel audio

doesnt do anything!

sorry but the readme file is no help whatsoever. i've selected a 'target directory' ive dragged+dropped all the files i want to interleave, into the program, ive set the header/content settings as outlined in the readme. so why, when i click on 'interleave' does it just sit there doing nothing?!?!

also if u press return at any point in the program it QUITS. not very graceful...

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