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Last Updated: 2012-01-19
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Software Description

J1000 ALPHA is equalizer made for fine tuning in post-production.

It separates stereo into mid and side signals and allows you independent equalization over both of them. Each of two sections consists of four identical peak filters. The controls are classic F/G/Q that you can find on every parametric equalizer.

A small distinctition is that two horizontal faders, located on top of each section, control filter frequency. The upper [F] is for rough selection and it has range from 50 to 12,500Hz, while lower [f] is for fine adjustments in +/-20% range. Vertical gain fader [G] can boost or cut signal by 3dB. This may seem too little, but for mastering it is quite enough and if you think you really need more you can always use x2 button that doubles gain for that filter, i.e., gives you +/-6dB operating range.

Q factor can be selected from four curves, Q1 being the widest and Q4 being the narrowest. Master section at the right has high-pass and low-pass switches, input gain and side channel HP control. Monitor button selects listening mode. MS is for Stereo, M is for Mid and S is for Side channel monitoring.

On the left side there are two separate modules which can process either Stereo, Mid or Side channel. Both of them come with three predefined curves labeled A, B and C. Tilt controls the brightness/darkness of audio, while Concurve works similar to loudness curve when turned up.

The best way to get a grip what these modules can do is to hear them in action, or if you're more inclined toward measurements, just look at the graphs.

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New in v3.5:

  • Auto-solo mode for soloing the active filter's frequency (can be turned off).
  • New saturation mode in Beta, acts as a limiter also.
  • Simple and effective low-shelf and high-shelf filters in Beta.
  • Double-click resets faders to their default positions.

New in v2.0:

  • Improved GUI.
  • Numerical readouts for all faders.
  • New audio controls.
  • Resonants switches for HP and LP filters.
  • Optimized CPU usage.

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404 file not found

I got a 404 file not found when I tried to download
sup wit dat?!?!

Download fixed

I have just updated the download link and it's working now

No it isnt working

you liar, it doesent work!!!

Yes it does

The download link was working when I posted the comment above, and it has just been updated again and is working again now.



J1000 ALPHA has been updated

J1000 ALPHA has been updated to version 3.8 and the download is now working again.

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