J1000 GAMMA 2.0
by J1000
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Last Updated: 2010-10-01
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Software Description

J1000 GAMMA is equalizer intended primarily for mastering, probably first of it's kind. It is based on Fletcher-Munson curve, allowing you only to accent the parts of audio spectrum where ear is less sensitive and lower the ones where ear is more sensitive. Six faders control gain amounts of six corresponding peak filters. Each filter has fixed Q factor and few selectable central frequencies, except for the last one (labeled F) which is permanently set at 12.8kHz. On the right part of interface there is master multiply fader which controls total amount of EQ-ing applied, HP and LP filter switches, clip indicator and simple button for reducing input signal by 3dB. Beware - this plugin is tempting to be overused.

J1000 GAMMA frequency response graphs

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New in v2.0:

  • Improved GUI.
  • Numerical readouts for all faders.
  • New audio controls.
  • Resonants switches for HP and LP filters.
  • Optimized CPU usage.

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Thank you for the

Thank you for the information. I searched all over google for this.

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