Jammit 2.2.8
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Works with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later.

Last Updated: 2013-03-13
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Software Description

Jammit is an iOS app that lets you isolate specific instruments from the original multi-track recordings of your favorite tracks.

Jammit lets you purchase the original multi-track recordings of your favorite songs. These original multi-track recordings are the building blocks for every popular song released over the past 50 years.

This app will let you open up these original multi-track recordings so you can isolate or remove which ever part you want to work on. You can have the guitar part play on solo so you can hear all the minute details, or you can also mute the guitar part so you can jam along.

Aside from instrument isolation, you also get a scrolling sscore, section looping, variable slow mode and an onboard recorder. All of these add up to provide you with an enhanced learning experience. This app will literally spoon feed you!


  • True Instrument Isolation using original multi-track recordings
  • Notation and Tablature transcribed from the original recordings
  • Advanced Tools like variable slow down mode and section looping to focus on difficult musical passages.
  • Built-in recording
  • Line 6 Amp Modeling support when using Line 6 Mobile In digital interface

Related Hardware:
Line 6 Relay G55 Wireless Guitar System

New in v2.2.8:

  • General stability improvements

New in v2.2.6:

  • More improvements to the video capture feature
  • Internet connectivity dependencies for general use have been managed more effectively

New in v2.2.5:

  • Improvements made to the video capture feature
  • Modifications made for future features

New in v2.2.3:

  • Better performance for older iPhone 4 and original iPad when using Line 6 Mobile In
  • Bugfix for account password recovery
  • Bugfix for audio input issue
  • Better sound quality while using Mobile In
  • Improved Facebook integration
  • Log in issues for certain users have been solved

New in v2.2.2:

  • Line 6 Mobile In-related crash bugs fixed
  • Several general stability issues corrected

New in v2.2.1:

  • Line 6 Mobile In detection error for iPhone 4 fixed
  • Several bug fixes for more stable operation

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Play along with audio interface Apogee Jam

Hi folks,
Does this software works with Apogee Jam? I mean, may I play along on IPad2 using my guitar connected to the iPad via my Apogee Jam digital interface?


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