Jbuzzer v1.05
by Achim Westermann
(Achim Westermann Website)

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Last Updated: 2004-08-27
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Software Description

JBuzzer is a free java application that allows to load audio samples and assign them to keys on your computer keyboard. Currently audio samples in PCM (*.wav) and MPEG Layer 3 (*.mp3) are supported.


  • Support for PCM (.wav) and Mpeg Layer 3 (.mp3).
  • Free choice of keycodes and amount of different samples.
  • Volume-slider per sample.
  • Intelligent keystroke-management: Remembrance of the user's preferred keys and suggestion of the lowest free one.

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It's good

Cool program for jamming but I think that it can be more useful if there is a way to record the music you make.

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