Junebug's Drum Tools
by Electronisounds
(Electronisounds Website)

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Operating System:
File Size: 2.81 MB
License Conditions:

Drum kits, Drum loops & Midi files - 654MB! ($29.99)

System Requirements:

Compatible with ANY PC sampler or software, or soundcard that can read standard .SF2 soundfonts.

Last Updated: 2003-06-01
For more detail about software : Software Description

Software Description

Hello beatmakers! Welcome to my Drum Tools soundfont collection! I've PACKED this CD-ROM with 36 massive drum kits (over 1,500 individual drum sounds!!), and over 100 drum loops - OVER 600MB of soundfonts! These drum kits are HUGE - they each feature up to 60 individual sounds! All the sounds on this disc are 96Khz, giving you the cleanest samples possible. There's enough drum, percussion and FX samples here to make beats in every genre you can imagine, from trip-hop slow jams and electro breakbeats, to super-hard trance dubs and euro disco-house! You'll also find plenty of drum sounds for hip-hop and r&b beats. We're talkin' THIRTY SIX huge drum kits, mate! I've included many midi drum loop examples for the drumkits as well. Load 'em into your sequencer, match 'em with the appropriate soundfont drum kit, and you can see how I make beats with these soundfonts.

Speaking of beats, I've hooked' you up with a massive selection of "chopped-up" drum loop soundfonts - ready for you to mix, break-up and re-arrange. There are drum loops in SEVEN tempos - 90bpm, 100bpm, 110bpm, 120bpm, 130bpm, 140bpm and 150bpm. The midi files that lock these beats together in their original form are included also! The groove possibiblites here are endless! (note: check the read me files included with the drum loop and *BONUS* soundfonts for further instructions on how to use the beats.)

Looking for a unique sound in percussion? Dig into the "Junk_Percussion" soundfont for 60 percussion samples made with some strange objects! Need a more natural wood drum/bongo sound? Dig into the "WD+Bongo" soundfont - it features unique samples recorded from handmade wood drums and some nice bongos! Just want some clean tambourine to gloss the top of your beat? Dig into the "Tambourine Bank" soundfont for 34 tambourine samples - from real tambourines, to drum machines & synth tambs!

It's all here, mate - you've just entered a new dimension in beat-making! I've even included many production tips to get you making phat beats like a pro in no time! These are the most powerful tools for drum beat production you'll find! Check out the DEMO to your right for a complete 60 piece DrumKit DEMO soundfont: "Lo-Fi Gritty". The .zip DEMO also contains a DEMO midi file example for the drumkit as well!

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