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Last Updated: 2005-07-01
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Software Description

This synth is designed to make hard and nasty lead and bass sounds that will cut thru any mix, but can do a lot more besides. This synth is not for the faint hearted. You have been warned!


This idea behind this synth, was to create a workhorse that could call up all the sounds I usually get from a combination of different synths and fx.
I contacted Ian from KRAKLI with some ideas I had, and sent him some sound bites. He very quickly came up with a basic idea, and after various rebuilds and new ideas, KARNAGE was born. The next stage was to produce a soundset, and this was fun part.

KARNAGE managed to not only get the nasty bass and dirty lead sounds I was after, but also produce some very cool vocal, rythmic and pulsating sounds too.

This update includes the addition of two new features, new sounds, and a new GUI. The TUBE, which is a tuned delay line that causes a form of harmonic distortion, and the SEQ, which was previously only available on the CM Edition. It is a host synced 8 step voltage array that can be routed to Osc1, Osc2, Oscs 1&2, The Filter, The RM freq, or the Dist Freq.. Think of it as another LFO type Modulation source with nil CPU hit... You can control the overall level the SEQ has, and the 8 rotary knobs control the levels of each step.. It sounds fantastic when modulating the filter or Dist...
Along with the new features, comes new sounds. V1.5 comes packed with presets from great sound designers, including Tim Conrady, Stephan Müsch, fr4ancesco, Blaster78, NedK, LuCiPHer and vurt. The original bank is included in the download, so you can still access all previous sounds.

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