K-Meter v1.6.5
by Audio Pluggers
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Operating System:
File Size: 2.2 MB
License Conditions:

Registration: $49

System Requirements:

VST host application. 100 MB hard disk space 1 GB of RAM

Last Updated: 2014-08-20
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

K-Meter is a metering plug-in based on the K-System with support for upsampled peak detection, ITU-R BS.1770-1 (LKFS) perceived loudness and monitor calibration.

Feature Overview:

  • Built from the ground up around the K-System.
  • Upsampled peak detection that discovers inter-sample peaks missed by other meters (upsamples up to 4x the input rate).
  • Perceived loudness meter supporting the LKFS measurement (ITU-R BS.1770-1). This models the ear's sensitivity to different frequencies.
  • Band-limited RMS meter for monitor calibration and compatibility with other meters.
  • Pink noise generator for monitor calibration.
  • Resettable clip indicators with sensitivity dial.
  • Collapsible interface that occupies less screen space.
  • All-in-one 32-bit and 64-bit universal binary supporting Intel and PPC Macs.
  • SIMD optimization including AltiVec and SSE support.
  • User manual including background on the K-System.

Changes in v1.6.5

  • Reduced CPU usage

Changes in v1.6.0

  • AAX format now available

Changes in v1.5.0

  • Fix for crash when opening other plug-ins

Changes in v1.4.7

  • Bugfix for incompatibility with Windows XP
  • Bugfix for WaveLab 6 crashes
  • Adds average-over display, which gives you an indication of the loudest average levels that are reached.
  • Bugfix for a channel layout bug in FL Studio.
  • Numeric peak display now displays peak-hold value.
  • Peak-hold can be reset by click on the numeric peak-hold display.
  • Added full-scale option to make reading LUFS easier.
  • ITU modes now display LUFS value rather than per-channel K-weighted values.
  • Changed ITU Slow time to 3 seconds to match EBU R128 slow setting.
  • Changed ITU Fast time to 400 milliseconds to match EBU R128 momentary setting.
  • Each meter scale now occupies the entire meter.
  • Removed time restriction from demo.
  • Added more information about loudness metering to the manual.
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